I am Shubham from India. Born in Rajasthan, I completed my Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Delhi and am currently a graduate student of Marketing Analytics in Chicago.

My relationship with yoga began in my birthplace, Rajasthan, where I connected with this transformative practice during the COVID-19 lockdown. I shifted back to Rajasthan for a year, engaging with books and videos to address my health concerns, which led to the gradual incorporation of yoga into my daily life.

Yoga for Beginners

Then came yoga—a happy accident that started as a remedy for my physical health. Fast forward five years, it’s not just a routine; it’s my way of life. Yoga has become a part of who I am, going beyond the physical to touch mind, body, and soul.

For those stepping into this transformative practice, I encourage you to embrace the new. Yoga might reveal a hidden passion within you, just like it did for me. It’s not just exercise; it’s an exploration—an inward journey.

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